Fearlessly Failing: Rachael Finch

Rachael Finch in one word is kindness. She radiates the moment she steps into the room. I’ve ben lucky enough to know Rach for about 5 years or so now, and she’s always been the same. So lovely, kind, welcoming and light. She’s such a go getting, and her plate is full with 2 (super cute) bambinos Violet and Dom, she’s a wife, model, TV presenting, ambassador for huge brands like Myer and she owns and runs her own companies: Kissed earth collagen, KYND scents, BOD active wear, and the health and wellness program bodybyfinch. How on earth does she do it? Well she credited her team mate in life, her husband Michael whom she met on the set of dancing with the stars. We get a little glimpse into the romance too as she shares their first dates and how they fell in love. Rach also opened up about her own battles with self-doubt, self worth, self confidence and second guessing herself. It was so refreshing to hear this powerhouse of a woman say she still has moments when she questions and doubts herself. She’s human and so passionate about growing and her own personal development journey. Rachael Finch was was an honour to sit down and chat with you. And when I got back to my hotel room later that day there was a little pressie waiting for me; she’d stocked me up with my favourite Kissed Earth collagen powder. Like I said, in a word Rach is KINDNESS. What a soul!

Lola x

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