Fearlessly Failing: Max May

You’ll hear me fan girl in the episode. Max is awesome. I discovered pretty early in the podcast that he’s a Capricorn which explains a lot. First of all he’s an earth sign (which I love), grounded, no BS and hard working. His brain is practical, he does the work, and doesn’t get hung up on a dream or false reality. He said “I’m only as good as my last job” and admits to being extremely hard on himself. It’s a testament to his success and growth in the industry not only as a makeup artist but as his own brand.

Max talks a lot about his craft, and he’s had no formal training but was always a painter and drawer and had studied photography so he had a natural eye for it. As you listen to him, he describes makeup more as art than anything else, he describes a women’s face as his canvas and loves working with strong women. Max May was an absolute pleasure to sit down and chat with, he’s open, direct and has a sense of clarity about him. Enjoy the wonderful Max May and if you’re keen to learn more about his blog which is full of beauty tips and tutorials here’s the link https://maxmade.com.au/

Lola x

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