Fearlessly Failing: Lisa Hamilton

I was really looking forward to interviewing Lisa as i’ve been a fan of her See Want Shop blog for years! You can check it out here http://seewantshop.com.au/

I had no idea that it all just started from her being away and wanting to share her travels with her family back home. What I loved learning from Lisa is that all of her growth and success has been organic. She’s continuously marching to the beat of her own drum and her goal is to “install a spark of inspiration into your day, everyday.” 

Lisa is a qualified and was practicing physiotherapist, but since the success of See Want Shop her influencer and blogger life has become a full-time commitment. 

Lisa opens up about the darker side of social media and during our interview, she reads some pretty horrible messages from trolls which led her to seeking the help of police. 

I hope you enjoy this sit down with Lisa, she writes for the “every girl” and is super relatable. Enjoy miss Lisa Hamilton. 

Big Love

Lola x

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