Fearlessly Failing: Lauren Miller

Lauren Miller 

Lauren is a go getter, she's busy mum, who runs her own business and has taught me how to become nimble in business. Lauren has been my manager for the past 7 years. We’ve been through lots together. She talks openly about being a single mum, juggles being her own boss, looking after talent and staff. 

Then we talked dating apps. Being a successful business woman, it’s common people are intimidated by her. She’s a bit like Cameron Diaz in “The Holiday” she’s the queen of her own use successful business and that’s powerful. In fact it was Lauren who pushed me to Jump on Bumble and meet Matt (bosso) so I’ve got her to thank for that! I hope you enjoy this podcast and open conversations about success, running your own business, motherhood, working hard and dating. 

Big Love

Lola x

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