Fearlessly Failing: Jess Sepel

I’m rapt to have Jess Sepel on the poddy this week; because although we’re in the same world and have similar jobs in many ways we never ever cross paths. I don’t think id seen Jess in the flesh for about a year and half! She’s one of Australia’s leading nutritionists. Such such a go getter, when her own app, vitamin range (I’m currently taking the fish oil daily and loving it – you can order it here https://jshealthvitamins.com/) and 3 best selling books which you can check out here https://jshealthvitamins.com/collections/books

One thing I really love about Jess is that she has pioneered the UNDIET movement, she has inspired thousands of people all over the world to give up the diet fads and focus on a balanced lifestyle. Jess is also really passionate about building a healthy relationship with your body and food, by advocating moderation, mindfulness and a healthy body image. 

In this podcast Jess was super open and very honest, she talks about business setbacks and how she never expected the vitamins range to explode the way it has. Jess literally thought she’d just end up with her own huge personal stack of vitamins because nobody would buy them, but the exact opposite happened. I will say this; for someone so successful Jess doesn’t have an ego at all, she just goes about her day, business as usual, and I love that!

Trigger warning: Jess shared about her best mate committing suicide and how the trauma of losing someone she loves has effected her. She’s very open about her own battle with anxiety and depression. And as a follower and fan of Jess’ I find it so refreshing to hear how she uses orthodox medication to help her overcome anxiety. Now anxiety, depression and mental health effect more than we know so it’s pretty incredible that Jess is so open about her own experience, she’s helping to shine a light on mental health.

Big Love

Lola x

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