50. Fearlessly Failing: Jess Hatzis-Walker

I hope everyone gets chance to meet someone like Jess. She’s not your typically bulldog entrepreneur. She’s gentle, kind, giving and super caring. She’s softly spoken and everything about her whole vibe is effortlessly natural (she’s one of those natural stunners too). She works so hard, long days, and doesn't stop but she doesn't come across as stressed for one second. Jess opened up about the highs and lows of business and how Frank Body grew into a huge global success but she also shared that she’s had other business ideas which have failed or products that they spent loads of money on creating that just didn’t fly. One thing Jess shared is her relationship its insomnia and anxiety and that even when she’s doing everything right it can still be a struggle. I love the way she spoke of acceptance and an openness about it as opposed to being shameful or hiding it. She said if she hasn’t has a good night sleep she’ll come into work and tell her team straight away so they can have an awareness and understanding. This girl is wise beyond her years and off the mics we talked about our own personal dreams, her eyes lit up, this is a human who knows how to chase whats truely in her heart.

Big love

Lola x

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