Fearlessly Failing: Jacqui Bell

Jacqui Bell is the youngest person in the world to compete ultra marathons on all 7 continents last year. This girl is unstoppable, Jacqui has run in Iceland, done a 4 desert grand slam and even competed in Antartica which meant running 7 days straight.

She’s open about her past, she’s battled with mental health and was in a traumatic motor bike accident which left her with 200 stitches in a Bali hospital for 10 days. She opens up about pain meds and her relationship with them.

This girl (24 years old) found her purpose in running, she’s a Jaybird athlete and her mindset reflects that of an elite extreme sports hero in my eyes, i’ll leave you with a quote from Jacqui “I cant do anything half heartedly. I cant do anything that doesn't mean something to me.”

Big Love

Lola x

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