75. Christmas Special Part 5: Staying Fit during Chrissy

Righto; it's so easy to fall off the health wagon, especially now that we're in the full swing of the silly season! In the past I've thrown the towel in on exercise and healthy eating for the whole month of December, but i'm determined to make a change this year. So go easy on yourself and make movement part of your day; walks, yoges, even find an online class you love. Make it fit in with you and your lifestyle. And if you do happen to fall off the wagon then you've got a brand new day ahead of you tomorrow. My goal for you is to make movement easy for December, and that way when you click into 2021 goals you wont feel like you've got a huge mountain to climb from a whole month of indulging and no movement; incorporate it and make it work for you. 

Tune in next week for the final episode of our Chrissy special when we talk goal setting for next year! I love focusing on my goals in December so that by the time Jan 1 comes around i'm feeling clear and focused on the year ahead. 

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