83. Fearlessly Failing: Steamy Bridgerton sex scenes with intimacy coordinator, Lizzy Talbot

Are you a Bridgerton fan like me? I binge watched it over the holidays and I'm listening to the soundtrack on repeat. I'm really excited to have interviewed Lizzy Talbot the intimacy coordinator from Bridgerton; you know those steamy sex scenes that leave you wanting more; well it's Lizzy's job to literally choreograph them, much like fight scenes are choreographed. Believe it or not; being an intimacy coordinator is a relatively new job, it's only existed in the last 5 years or so and for the cast of Bridgerton, this was their first experience working with an intimacy co-ordinator. Lizzy's job coverers advocacy, co-ordinating and choreographing safe simulated sex and/or nudity scenes. 

If you've seen Bridgerton; you'll know there's some really steamy scenes, one of which occurs in a library, Lizzy explained that this scene was in fact the first scene that actor Phoebe Dynevor (Daphne Bridgerton) shot for the entire show, Lizzy explained that it felt so cheeky; because it was shot in a gentlemen's club (Reformed London) and up until 1981 women weren't allowed to even enter, pretty cool considering that this is the scene where Daphne has a sexual awakening.

Time stamp: 24:20 "Choreographing simulated sex to Wildest Dreams By Taylor Swift. What is that? That's amazing. it was really cool because it was such a surprise." 

Check out more of Lizzy Talbots work here: https://www.lizzytalbot.com/

trailer to the show: 


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