Season 3 Trailer - Fear Itself with Cressida Bonas

Welcome to season 3 of Fear Itself, the podcast where Cressida Bonas shares conversations around the concept of fear with incredible people. 


In series one and two, Cressida learnt a lot about fear from her amazing guests but, just as our fears evolve through life, the podcast evolves as well. Season 3 will develop a creatively new, exciting approach. Conversations with guests will be structured to illustrate how fear has an impact on all aspects of one’s life: your childhood, your career, and your relationships.

In the first two acts of the show, we will hear how the guest's fears as a child and fears as an adult cross pollinate - informing and defining their success, mindset, and approach to life. Then in act 3, the conversation will move from focusing on fear itself to courage - conveying that once fear has been rationalised, analysed and understood, then positivity, empowerment and courage can take centre stage. 

Cressida in her own words: “In the show, I will be having conversations with people about their personal stories around fear. In my experience fear can be motivational, but it can also hold me back and I’m curious to understand this dynamic a bit better. How does fear show up, how do people try to hide it, how can we harness it and how can we learn from it? My guests all share interesting stories on how they live with their fears, overcome their fears and sometimes even welcome their fears.”


Season 3 will be the biggest yet with guests including Richard Branson, Emma Barnett, Jamie Lang, and John Armstrong just to name a few. So please join us, this is Fear Itself.

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