**Love Itself Special** with Donna Lancaster

Love is kindness in action...

Donna is one of the Co-founders and facilitators of The Bridge Retreat and has been working with individuals, couples and groups for almost 30 years. 

She’s a qualified Hoffman Teacher with the Hoffman Institute UK. She then went on to become their Head of Teaching.

Donna is passionate about the subject of grief and the grieving process which she believes offers the missing link for many in their search for wholeness. This interest stemmed from her own very personal experience of ‘depression’ which she suffered from for many years and now knows to have in fact been unprocessed grief.

On The Bridge, Donna uses a variety of approaches including ancient ritual practices to support people to grieve and move on from their losses. These losses might include, divorce and separation, loss of innocence, betrayals of trust, identity issues, bereavement, missed motherhood and loss of meaning and purpose.

Donna says ‘Through allowing and supporting the natural order of the grieving process to flow, people find themselves remembering who they really are and living from this true place. When there is ‘unfinished business’ in our lives, it is very hard to move on and engage with life fully. Grieving allows us to cross the bridge from past hurts and sorrow into a place of lightness and truth.’

Her book called The Bridge will be out early 2022 and there are online courses you can find on The Bridge Retreat Website that offer support. I have done one of these courses very recently and Its one of the most amazing things I've ever done.

We talk about love being the key ingredient to joy, the inner critic, boundaries, healing in communities, love residing in fear, how we avoid heartache, unfinished business and much more..! I did an online course with Donna recently and it was one of the BEST things i've ever done... I learnt so much. A lifelong teacher. For more info about Donna and her work head to www.thebridgeretreat.com

** This episode was recorded remotely due to Covid19 **

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