Loss - Benjamin Fry

Psychotherapist and author Benjamin Fry joins me this week, to talk about his fear of loss. Benjamin’s such an interesting guest, and shares a lot of his personal experiences as well as his professional knowledge about mental health.

He is really open about how losing his mother when he was just a baby impacted him, and how losing work, money and his marriage in his late 30s culminated in a mental health breakdown. After trying many treatments, Benjamin found a solution in a clinic which specialised in the nervous system, and looking at how the problems we have with it can affect our mental health.

He went on to set up a mental health clinic, a non-profit and a tech company all specialising in work around the nervous system. He has also written three books including The Invisible Lion, which we discuss in this episode.

I wanted to know more about the nervous system and what it means for our mental health, how it can help us heal unaddressed wounds and “clean out the gunpowder” as Benjamin puts it. I really learnt so much from this conversation and I hope you do too.

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