Surfing the Waves at Mavericks and What I Learnt From Living in a Zen Monastery - Jaimal Yogis

About The Episode

The guest on Fear Itself today is award-winning journalist and adventurer Jaimal Yogis. In this episode, Cressida asks Jaimal about his time spent living mindfully in a Zen Buddhist monastery, Jaimal reveals what it's really like to experience surfing the crushing Californian waves at Mavericks, and we get a glimpse into the most frightening moment of Jaimal’s life.

About The Guest 

Jaimal Yogis is an American author, producer, and screenwriter. Yogis began his career as a journalist, writing for publications like San Francisco Magazine, ESPN, The Washington Post, and The Atlantic. His pieces won numerous awards and Yogis's first book, Saltwater Buddha, was internationally praised, translated into numerous languages, and turned into a feature documentary film. His second book, The Fear Project, interviews many of the world's top scientists, psychologists, and athletes about what fear is and how to live mindfully and courageously in spite of it. 

About The Host

Cressida Bonas is an actress, podcaster and writer. Cressida has had leading acting roles in a number of well known television and film productions - such as her role as Sheila Bamber in the critically acclaimed Netflix series White House Farm. Some of Cressida's other work include roles in the ITV series Dr Thorne, the film The Bye Bye Man, and in theatre productions Mrs Orwell and An Evening with Lucien Freud. Cressida writes a monthly column for the arts and culture section in The Spectator and her written work has been featured in The Telegraph, and The Mail on Sunday

Top Quotes

"Clinging to subjective ideas of who we are will make us self-obsessed to the point that where we're debilitated by fear and anxiety" - Jaimal Yogis

"You want to have a healthy fear response because you want to be able to react quickly. What you don't want is for fear to become a thing that pesters you. That's where meditation can help." - Jaimal Yogis


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