S2 Ep3 **Love Itself special** with Zawe Ashton

Welcome to a very special episode of Fear Itself. We are changing direction and talking about love, itself. It seems to me that love is the opposite of fear, and it has the same power over us and our lives. Love can change what we do, how we feel, and our entire outlook on life. It can motivate us to do amazing things, but it also can be paralysing in its intensity. In these special episodes, I'll be talking to my guests about what love means to them.

My guest this week is Zawe Ashton who is an actor, writer and director. You will have seen her most recently in Harold Pinter's Betrayal in the West End or on Broadway or opposite Jake Gyllenhall and Rene Russo in Velvet Buzzsaw on Netflix. Her unconventional memoir "Character Breakdown' was released in paperback in the Spring – I have recently read this book and I have to say that Zawe’s writing shoots straight to my heart, it’s beautifully honest and raises important questions about identity and truth.

Zawe talks about love as allyship and authenticity, showing up for ourselves, the messages we receive that can damage our sense of worth, being bullied at school, her beloved grandfather & the lessons he passed onto her and an encounter with a woman in LA who helped Zawe find the truth. Zawe is definitely one for the coolest and wisest people I know!

** This episode was recorded remotely over Zoom due to Covid **

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