Voices from Hong Kong: Is the financial centre doomed?

“The Pearl of the Orient” has built a reputation for stability and modernity over the decades, with its iconic financial centre at the heart of it. Now it all hangs in the balance as the mounting protests of the last weeks are lifting the veil on the challenges posed by the “One country, two systems” model as China becomes more assertive in the way it handles the ongoing transition ending in 2047. Early evidence suggests that financial and physical capital is being moved out of the country already. Podcast host Jacopo Dettoni spoke to three expats professionals working in the city’s financial and legal industry to get their views on how the current turmoil will impact Hong Kong’s future as a global investment hub:

  • Carlos Casanova, economist for the Asia Pacific region at credit insurance firm Coface;
  • Julien Chaisse, law professor at the City University of Hong Kong;
  • Alberto Vettoretti, managing partner at investment advisory firm Dezan Shira.  

Kevin Loane, senior economist at London-based Fathom Consulting, also joins the discussion from our studio in London.

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