fDi at EBRD AM 2022: What concerns you most in this turbulent world?

The beginning of 2022 has been among the most turbulent in recent memory. Since Russia began its invasion of Ukraine on February 24, millions of people have fled the country. Alongside billions of dollars worth of damage in Ukraine, the war has caused global prices for everything from fuel to food to soar. Multilateral institutions have subsequently downgraded their economic forecasts for many countries around the world.

In this joint podcast from fDi Intelligence and the Banker, co-hosts Alex Irwin-Hunt and Burhan Khadbai discuss what is concerning policymakers, bankers and investors most during this period of uncertainty. Based on conversations with attendees at the EBRD's 2022 annual meeting and business forum held from 10-12 May in Marrakech, Morocco, this podcast explores themes including the EBRD's engagement in Morocco, the wide-ranging impacts of war in Ukraine and why the green transition must be inclusive.

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