Special Episode: Afghanistan - One Year On

This week marks one year since the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan following its two-decade commitment to fighting terrorism in the country. One year on, we have a country ruled by the Taliban, thousands of Americans and allies stranded within its borders, and a rapidly deteriorating economic, humanitarian and regional security situation on the ground. How many American people and allies are still left in Taliban-governed Afghanistan? What does the future of U.S. commitment look like in the country? How has our withdrawal impacted the U.S. role in the world and its order?


Today’s episode will feature France Hoang to help answer and reflect on these questions. France is the Chairman of the Board of Allied Airlift 21 and co-founder of the Afghanistan Departure Group (ADG). Both of these organizations were instrumental in assisting with the evacuation of Americans and our allies out of Afghanistan. 

Want to learn more about Allied Airlift 21 and how you can help? Please check out their website here!


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