Ep. 315: How Color Affects What We Buy and How We Behave with Lauren Labrecque

Professor Lauren Labrecque, PhD, researches how color influences the decisions we make and the culture around us. In this interview, she takes a closer look at the logos and packaging from some of our favorite beauty brands to explain how they influence our purchasing behavior. Plus, we learn about sensory marketing and color psychology; the shade that makes people eat less; the hue sports teams use to influence a game; and the color you should wear if you need roadside assistance (really!). -- Become a Fat Mascara+ member to listen to the podcast without ads: fatmascara.com/member; Episode recap: fatmascara.com/blog; Our private Facebook Group: Fat Mascara / Raising a Wand; Instagram: @fatmascara@jessicamatlin@jenn_edit; Email: info@fatmascara.com; To submit a "Raise A Wand" product recommendation & be featured on a future episode: +1 646-481-8182.


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