Ep. 310: Benzene in Sunscreen, Above-the-Brow Hair Removal & The Week's Beauty News

How do you trim long brow hairs and clean up the area *above* your eyebrows without messing things up? Jess shares what she learned from Angela Marinescu, the “queen of brows.” Before that, Jenn’s science corner is devoted to the benzene-in-sunscreen controversy. Plus, there’s lots of news to discuss: NFTs (non-fungible tokens) in the beauty world; the rise of waterless beauty products (and a listener review of solid conditioner bars that really work); vegan-friendly news at The Body Shop; and more. -- Episode recap & list of products featured: fatmascara.com/blog; To shop the products: myshlf.us/fatmascara; Our private Facebook Group: Fat Mascara / Raising a Wand; Instagram: @fatmascara@jessicamatlin@jenn_edit; Email: info@fatmascara.com; To submit a "Raise A Wand" product recommendation & be featured on a future episode: +1 646-481-8182.


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