Ep. 210: How Stress Affects Your Skin with Dr. Amy Wechsler

Acne, psoriasis, skin picking, wrinkles—all these skin issues have a mental-health component, and Dr. Amy Wechsler, a board-certified psychiatrist and dermatologist, is here to talk about them. She explains how stress affects your body, why humans are hardwired to self-soothe with skincare, and how to help friends and family suffering from mental-heath-related skin issues. Before the interview, Jess & Jenn share new sunscreen news from Neutrogena and discuss the week’s beauty headlines: how the Black Lives Matter movement is reshaping the beauty industry for the better; Burberry’s new global beauty director; a study of Covid-19’s effect on psoriasis patients; Ah-Shí, the first Native American-owned beauty store; and Puig's acquisition of Charlotte Tilbury cosmetics.

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