Ep. 487: Smartphone Face, Ozempic Hair, and the Week’s Beauty News

Why do some actors look out of place in period films and TV series? Dazed Beauty writer Kleigh Balugo calls it “smartphone face”—that thing where people look too modern to have lived before the 21st century. Is it cosmetic injectables, too-perfect brows, orthodontics, better nutrition, or maybe all the above? And what about people whose faces seem old-timey? What gives them that classic look? Let’s discuss! Then, we’re talking about how weight-loss drugs affect your hair; Oprah’s skincare investment; beauty tourism in Turkey (Türkiye); and health concerns related to hair relaxers. Plus, another body scrub that’s a bargain (aka, a “tight price point”), a multitasking tinted pencil for ages 19 to 99, and a makeup bag that doesn’t get gross.

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