Ep. 264: New Year, New Questions & The Week’s Beauty News

We’re kicking off 2021 with an update to the “FM 5”—the five quick questions we ask all our guests at the end of their interviews. To celebrate, we answer the new questions (which *you* helped create!), and then share our resolutions for the year. Plus, lots of beauty news to discuss: makeup artist Pat McGrath’s damehood; virtual makeup testing via Google; the popularity of nostalgic perfumes during the pandemic; research showing that very thin bodies are less admired than people think; and a surprising new use for unscented pantiliners.-- Want more of our beauty podcast? Episode Recaps & Notes: fatmascara.com/blog; Our Private Facebook Group: Fat Mascara / Raising a Wand; Instagram: @fatmascara, @jessicamatlin, @jenn_edit; Twitter: @fatmascara; Email: info@fatmascara.com; To Leave a Voicemail & Be Featured on a Future Episode: 646-481-8182.


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