Ep. 226: Red Light Therapy, Medi-Pedi Tips & The Week’s Beauty News

We’re putting toothpaste on our toenails and following other tips from a medical pedicurist, learning abut red LED light therapy and what it can do for skin, and discussing the latest beauty news: Former Glossier employees accuse the company of performative inclusivity; Pinterest shares the year’s most popular beauty trends and releases new search functions; Mauritians are hoping human hair can help clean up a recent oil spill; Shiseido appoints Hunter Schafer as a global ambassador; and we remember Ellis Faas. -- Want more of our beauty podcast? Episode Recaps & Notes: fatmascara.com/blog; Our Private Facebook Group: Fat Mascara / Raising a Wand; Instagram: @fatmascara, @jessicamatlin, @jenn_edit; Twitter: @fatmascara; Email: info@fatmascara.com; To Leave a Voicemail & Be Featured on a Future Episode: 646-481-8182.


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