Far Fetched Fables No 8 Trent Jamieson and Mike Resnick and Lawrence Schimel

First Story: “The New Deal” by Trent Jamieson

“You hear about the new Deal?” Jacobi asked, crouching down by the nearest body on the flat corrugated iron roof. 

Ulmer shrugged. “Just rumours, nothing definite. Last one wasn’t so good. These two aren’t going to benefit.” 

He took a step back from the bodies, careful to stay on the line of nails marking the beam beneath, the roof was rusty; it creaked with his movement. 

Jacobi grinned and brushed flies from his cracked lips. “These blokes been dead a while.”

SF writer and Silent Motion Picture Actor, Trent Jamieson should be 111 years old, but is only 41 on account of TEMPORAL RADIATION.

He lives in Brisbane with his wife, Diana, where he wrote the Death Works Trilogy published by Orbit Books. He is the author of the Death Works Series. They’re about Death – you know, the Grim... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy