Far Fetched fables No. 112 Michael J. Martineck and Anna Zumbro

Flash Fiction: “The Pixie Game” by Anna Zumbro

(Originally published at Daily Science Fiction.)

The rain has stopped shortly before the dismissal bell rings, and the ground is spongy and quivering with worms. Someone taps Gage’s shoulder. He spins around and sees Dasha, her mouth upturned at some private joke.

“We’re playing the pixie game. Want to come?”

It’s the third time someone has talked to him at this school and the first time he’s been invited to do anything. He follows her, half running, to the hedges surrounding the playground.

Iver and Jack are already waiting at the greenest part of the hedge. Gage has never spoken to either of them, but he’s noticed that everyone laughs at Iver’s jokes whether they’re funny or not, that even fifth-graders defer to him in the lunch line.

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