Far Fetched Fables No. 111 Julie Frost

Featured Story: “The Cow & The Beanstalk” by Julie Frost

(Originally published in Azure Valley, April 2013)

Once upon a time, I was unfaithful to my fiancée. That went… aye, about as well as you’d expect.

“You traitorous varlet!” Mary screamed at me.

“Please, beloved! This isn’t what it looks like — ” I dodged the chamberpot she flung at my head. Fortunately, it was empty. Unfortunately, this was in fact exactly what it looked like.

“With my own sister?”

Katherine, the sister in question, waved a languid hand.

“You should be pleased with how long it took me to wear him down. Quite noble, your young man, ‘struth. I finally had to bespell him before he’d give in, and even that wasn’t easy.”

Mary growled, a noise I’d never heard her make before.

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