Far Fetched Fables No. 107 Peter Orullian and Jeremy Szal

Flash Fiction: “Old Blood” by Jeremy Szal

(Originally published in Saturday Night Reader, September 2015)

They said you couldn’t kill Old Blood, direct descants from the First Men, blessed with wisdom and the ability to peer into the future. It seemed that a blade between the ribs did just the trick. I doubted Lord Commander Roran had predicted that move.

I stood in the Commander’s place, leading the Amelleus army. My army.  There were thousands of men bathed in the morning’s pale glow, standing silently in the frosty fields as snow gathered on their helmets. They held shields of Dwenish metal, brandished their swords and flatbows, the arrow tips swathed in poison. They twisted spears that glinted in the sun, maces and warhammers from the far south of Ikbsah, where death was an art and red was the artist’s colour.

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