Far Fetched Fables No. 98 Kate O’Connor and Jay Lake and Ruth Nestvold

Cover art for this month is by Kassandra Leigh, a photographer, model, and self-professed dweeb with no social skills, chronic ailments, and a supreme appreciation of “me” time. She likes to take peectures of pretty, sexy, and creepy things, soft tacos with no lettuce, spooky supernatural anything, playing mages in Smite, heavy metal, the Sith Code, and things that start with the letter “C”: cats, camera gear, cold weather, cosmetics, clothing, and caffeine — but not candids.


Flash Fiction: “Osiana” by Jay Lake & Ruth Nestvold

(“Tales of the Rose Nights” #1, originally published at Daily Science Fiction.)

She did not come to her life with intention. Few do, but less so for Osiana. She had been born a bondswoman in a time and place where freedwomen were rarer... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy