Far Fetched Fabled No. 88 Desirina Boskovich and Melody Marie Sage

Flash Fiction: “The Alchemist’s Wife” by Melody Marie Sage

(Originally published at Daily Science Fiction on July 17, 2015.)

I remember we celebrated with the dark chocolate torte at L’oiseau D’or. Its glossy black ganache was splashed with a comet trail of 24 carat gold stars. The gilt leaf dissolved tasteless on my tongue. The idea of it was titillation enough.
Ian talked about the project, and I pretended to listen to him, enjoying the sound of his voice, the exuberant parabolas he made with his hands. I was an artist. Chemistry, nanotechnology, bionics, and their various intersects, did not interest me. Colors did: the yellow candle flame flickering on his irises, the flush at the base of his throat, the creamy ivory tablecloth beneath my fingers. I smiled into my champagne. No, that is not entirely true. I loved learning about... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy