Far Fetched Fables No. 86 Martha Wells and Aidan Doyle

Flash Fiction: “Remembering the Dragon” by Aidan Doyle

Do you remember me? I was once a great adventurer, journeying to distant lands, exploring lost ruins and chronicling momentous events. Now I’m trapped in a decaying ruin. If I show any weakness, my fellow prisoners will try to take everything from me.

“You’re sitting in my chair, Henry. I reserved it because it has a view of the driveway and I want to know when my family arrives.”

It was the anniversary of your mother’s death yesterday. Alice used to get annoyed when I told my stories, but now they’re all I have left. Most of my captors assume that because I’m old I must be stupid and torture me with cruel games.

“Residents are reminded that bingo starts at two o’clock.”

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