Far Fetched Fables No. 85 Richard Ford

Story: “The Halfwyrd’s Burden” by Richard Ford

Around early autumn the border trail west out of Valdor was windy as a nobleman’s trap and cold as a devil’s heart. It was two hundred leagues of forested inclines and boggy descents, with bears and wolves and worse lying in wait to fill their bellies before the long, hard weeks of winter set in. Sometimes there wasn’t even a path to see, and anyone who didn’t know the way would be lost quicker than a priest in a whorehouse. It was hard land, untamed by cities or farms, and it was a rare kind of man had any business making a trade in a place so remote, when the rain pissed down like it was trying to drown you, and the wind howled and roared till it frayed your wits.

A rare kind of man indeed would make his business in such a place.

But then Oban Halfwyrd was one of the rarest.

“The Halfwyrd’s Burden” originally appeared in acast.com/privacy