Far Fetched Fables No. 65 Aliette de Bodard and Jennifer R. Donohue

Flash Fiction: “Adventuring” by Jennifer Donohue

Sometimes, you can stop to breathe.

Sometimes, you repack that worn leather pack, which has been with you longer than any companion, and find the detritus from when you started, from before you bled so much. From when you were just goofing off in an inn, or at a trail marker.

A whetstone, from before you had a magical sword which never needs honing.

That last bottle of lamp oil. A forgotten healing potion, always a fortuitous find.

A cheap trail ration, long hardened beyond edible use.

The dog-eared book you meant to keep a diary in, or writer letters home. Did you ever write letters home? Maybe on holidays. Did you ever return home? Not even for a visit.

Jennifer R. Donohue has a degree in psychology, though she’s mostly used that to teach her Doberman useful and amusing tricks. She works at her local library in central New York, where she lives... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy