Far Fetched Fables No. 63 Dan Chaon

Story: “The Bees” by Dan Chaon

Gene’s son Frankie wakes up screaming. It has become frequent, two or three times a week, at random times: midnight — 3 AM — five in the morning. Here is a high, empty wail that severs Gene from his unconsciousness like sharp teeth. It is the worst sound that Gene can imagine, the sound of a young child dying violently — falling from a building, or caught in some machinery that is tearing an arm off, or being mauled  by a predatory animal. No matter how many times he hears it he jolts up with such  images playing in his mind, and he always runs, thumping into the child’s bedroom to find Frankie sitting up in  bed, his eyes closed, his mouth open in an oval like a Christmas caroler. Frankie appears to be in a kind of peaceful trance, and if someone took a picture of him he would look like he was waiting to receive a spoonful of ice cream, rather than emitting that horrific sound.

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