Far Fetched Fables No. 62 Andrew J. McKiernan

Story: “Calliope: A Steam Romance” by Andrew J. McKiernan

Her voice is of a host angelic, but fallen. Her every breath breeds melodious paeans that tear at my soul — in ways both tender and cruel — and I weep with pain and joy to hear them. For, as surely as Eros struck Apollo and Daphne, am I so sorely wounded by her song. But be that barb of gold or lead? Ah, now therein lies the tale.

I first saw her down at the Quay or, more rightly should I say, I heard her…

Andrew J. McKiernan is an author and illustrator from the Central Coast of New South Wales. First published in 2007, his stories have since been short-listed for multiple Aurealis, Ditmar, and Australian Shadows awards and reprinted in a number of Year’s Best anthologies. Last Year, When We Were Young, a collection of his short stories, won the 2014 AHWA Australian Shadows Award for Collected Work.

He can be found online at acast.com/privacy