Far Fetched Fables No. 49 Kristi Charish and Jessica May Lin

Flash Fiction: “Dark, Beautiful Force” by Jessica May Lin

I met you the summer I was nineteen. You were a shadow on the wall, tall and intimidating in a way I could never be, and you were all that stood between my first supervillain and me.

You grinned and leapt down in your black domino mask and high-top sneakers, before I even stepped past the mouth of the alley.

I hated you, because you knocked the villain out before I could, and smirked at me over the popped collar of your leather jacket as you handcuffed him.

They printed our pictures in the newspaper side by side. You, in your leather and your sneakers. Me, in my thigh-high boots and red latex skirt. The new superstars on the block.

But I was jealous and told our mentors that your superhero name made me think of candy bars, your costume of freeze-dried bats.

We kept running into each other.

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