Far Fetched Fables No. 46 Laurel Winter and Jacqueline Carey

First Story: “Infinity Syrup” by Laurel Winter

Fay was Zen shopping, something she had learned when she worked swing shift in card assembly at IBM. The effort of plugging six components into the right holes on four hundred cards had always left her too tired to think.

Too tired to think, but too wired to sleep. So she usually stopped at a twenty-four-hour grocery on her way home and let her hands do the shopping for her. Hands reaching mindlessly, plucking items off the shelves. And she was always surprised to find — when she got home and unpacked the paper bags — that she had exactly what she needed.

Odd combinations, perhaps. Who would have paired avocado and Kashi, kippered herring and strawberries? But the four basic food groups were always represented. No unappealing leftovers, tastebuds tantalized in wonderful ways.

And so, even when she worked her way from swing shift to first and from manufacturing to management, she still practiced Zen... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy