Far Fetched Fables No. 45 Cory Skerry and Anna Ilona Mussmann

Flash Fiction: “The Hum of Refuge” by Anna Ilona Mussmann

On her couch in an apartment at the top of a building that used to be a lingerie factory, Skye Hindley tried to capture the soul of nature. She wrote, sketched in charcoal and once (in a black fit) crafted faerie dolls. She had not found her niche. A loser boyfriend told her that she didn’t have the artistic vision of a walrus, but that was during their break-up, after she said his novel must have been written by a drunken redneck.

Anna Ilona Mussmann loves folktales, Jane Austen, the Oxford comma, and dark chocolate. She blogs at annailonamussmann.blogspot.com.


Main Story: “Sinking Among the Lilies” by Cory Skerry

I studied the village of Keyward from the packed gravel by the water. Judging by the skulls roped to the pylons in the estuary, the people here knew how to take care of themselves. But... For information regarding your data privacy, visit acast.com/privacy