Far Fetched Fables No. 36 Steve Berman and Terry Dowling

First Story: “The Price of Glamour” by Steve Berman

London, 1844

Tup Smatterpit sat on the back of a chestnut seller’s cart, his back warm from resting against the stove. Tup had sprinkled a pinch of powdered glamour over himself, and the old coster driving the wagon believed him to be one of the countless children that roamed Covent Garden’s marketplace, rather than one of the Folk. As the donkey slowly pulled the cart through the crowd, the gentle sway and the constant tick-tocking of his waistcoat was lulling Tup to sleep.

Steve Berman is the author of nearly a hundred published essays and short stories. His newest collection, Red Caps, features a sequel to “The Price of Glamour”. He lives in southern New Jersey, the only state that has an official devil.

You can find him online at SteveBerman.com.


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