Far Fetched Fables No 21 Jenny Blackford and Brendan Connell

First Story:  Troll’s Night Out” by Jenny Blackford

There was a lot of shrieking and laughing going on at the table behind ours.

“Girls’ night out,” I said, and took a good swig of my glass of red.

David barked out, “What did you say, woman?”

I shouted this time, hoping to penetrate the restaurant sound barrier: “Girls’ night out.”

David snorted. With his impressive snout, that was something.

“Trolls’ night out, more like it,” he said. He bared his long white canines in a toothy grin.

The comment was typical of the David I’d known and hated, before I ran away to Scandinavia. Unfortunately, it’s not considered good form to scream at one’s ex in a good Melbourne restaurant. Instead, I cut off a piece of my salmon cutlet and stuck it in my mouth, fast. The aroma of David’s steak was tormenting me.

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