Far Fetched Fables No. 123 Spencer Ellsworth and Jeremy Szal

“The Ifrit's Trial” by Spencer Ellsowrth

(Originally published in Human Tales.)

Noble courtiers, wazirs, Sultan and lovely Sultana, salaam. Such fanfare for a poor Ifrit you
have brought! I see you have seven red-robed sorcerers arrayed about the room, and seven
white-robed holy men, each holding the seal of Suleyman whom the Hebrews called Solomon the
Wise, and chanting the psalms of David, may peace fall upon him. In the yards of the palace you
have arrayed seven times seven of these fork-bearded sorcerers, and seven times seven of these
shaven holy men, and they each hold the seal and speak psalms and suras. After the time I have
spent in your service, noble Sultan, do you think that I would be so foolish to not stand at my
trial? I am a foolish Ifrit, this much is true, but there is enough sense in my head of air and
fire to know that I owe you an explanation.

This is the crime of which I stand accused: of my own malicious nature, I cast a wicked spell
upon the Sultana Jalima and caused her...

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