Far Fetched Fables No. 119 Beth Cato

Flash Fiction: “The Quest You Have Chosen Defies Your Fate” by Beth Cato

(Originally published in Daily Science Fiction.)

You are reading a book, and within that book you now walk through the iron gates of the junior high school of your youth.
You don't understand how you are reading of a real place within this old fantasy book of adventures you found in the closet of your childhood bedroom. These particular pages didn't exist before, here in this volume that you read until its white spine was bowed, swaybacked, broken.
Today you have fallen between the plot lines, the inked illustrations, the bookmarks you once placed at the major decisions you were asked to make--yes, your cheating is known. The bookmarks are gone. You can no longer flip back to choose between releasing the unicorn on page 32, or continuing into the forest on page 210, or the various other forks in your literary path.

Main Story: “Cartographer's Ink” by Beth Cato

(Originally published in Daily Science Fiction.)

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