FarFetchedFables No 162 Michael Ezell

"“Bones of a Righteous Man” by Michael Ezell

(Originally published in Fantasy for Good.)

-- Has the life of a righteous man been taken?

-- We find that it has, Excellency.

-- And what shall become of the killer?

-- He shall carry the bones of the righteous man until their weight does cause his death.

The setting sun reflected in a million rose-hued sparkles across the surface of the Glass Desert. The slit in Traveler’s eyeshades cut everything down to a thin panorama. A glittering expanse of heat glass, marked only by the crushed tracks of the Apostates’ road. In those tracks traveled the wagon he’d been following for days. Weeks, really. With a start, he realized it was more like months. Wasn’t it?

Through the shimmer to his right, he saw either a town, or a mirage that would lead him astray, wasting precious time.

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