FarFetchedFables No 139 James Moore and Addison Smith

"Flash Fiction: “Hope for Enthos” by Addison Smith

(Originally published in Fireside magazine.)

The muted horns of passing cars drifted up to Enthos, where he sat on his ledge, peering over the street. The familiar lights and sounds were both comforting and maddening. The scent of flowers washed over him, the blossoms continuing their cycle of blooming and dying under his watch. How much time do I have left?

The sun fell below the horizon, casting shadow over the city, but he felt no chill of night on his wings. The wind howled, but it did not tickle the fur of his neck. The gargoyle sat still, stationary. Stone.

Addison Smith lives and writes in the wilds of icy Minnesota with a wolf, a baby wolfling, and (one day soon) another human. He tweets as @addisoncs, but it’s mostly an excuse to share photos of his pets.

Main Story: “A Proper War” by James A. Moore

(Originally published in Grimdark #8.)

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