Making strategy work on the ground with Geoff Wilson -

This week we’re chatting with Geoff Wilson, expert in engagement at a strategic level across sports businesses and organisations.

He’s the owner of Geoff Wilson Consultancy, which focuses on Sports Organisations/NGO's, Businesses involved in Sport, Community and Government organisations across the world. This includes FIFA, UEFA, The Asian Football Confederation, and other sports including work in basketball with FIBA, netball, motoracing with the Ulster Grand Prix, and countless other sports and organisations. Take a look at his LinkedIn page:

We look about how clubs and sports organisations manage their reputations, how they communicate, why that is, and how critical it is that they get their governance and structure right to make that happen.

Our next edition will be with Bas Schnater, where we talk about the practical side of Fan Engagement. We’ll no longer be publishing weekly episodes, but will still be publishing the occasional chat with a guest about their approach to Fan Engagement. You can access our nearly seventy editions so far via Apple podcasts, Acast or your favourite podcast app. 

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