The midst of a crisis for fans: Adam Keely from Push The Boundary (Oldham)

This episode takes a stark look at what it's like in the middle of a crisis with Adam Keely from Oldham Athletic activist group, Push The Boundary. It was recorded in mid-December, before the owner, Abdallah Lemsagam, publicly declared his intention to sell, though given the litany of broken promises, I suspect fans are holding their breath.

Adam talks us through what it's been like organising against the club he loves, why he fears managed decline, and what it's like trying to unite the fanbase when the team is devoid of identity, and bottom of the table.

We also chat about what it's like to go 30 years without a trophy or any promotion, which is where comparisons with their former top-flight opponents, Everton, cease. Presenter Kev also touches on the failures of leadership, and why it's important for owners to keep their promises.

One message Kev has for Adam's fellow Oldham fans is remain united.

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