Get Connected: Leigh Pomlett, Chairman/Owner Walsall FC

Welcome to the Fan Engagement Pod. This is the Fan Engagement Chat, where we hear about someone’s approach to Fan Engagement.

This week we chat with Leigh Pomlett, Chairman and owner of Walsall FC. Leigh has a long career in business, working in freight and logistics, and remains Chairman of the Freight Transport Association. I can imagine he’s busy enough with that, but he’s also a progressive thinking Chairman of Walsall, and he explains more about how he does things at his boyhood club in this short but insightful chat.

I think Leigh represents an emerging group of clubs across the game - some private, some fan-owned, some a mixture - who think progressively about their clubs, treat them with a lot more care & attention, and don’t gamble with them in the way we used to see. 

Incidentally, a lot of them are already involved in the Fair Game movement, which you can read more about at 

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