S2 E1 - The Fucked Up Brady Bunch

We got the band back together! This group episode was so much fun to record! If 3 hour long group interviews aren't your thing, we will be back to the 1hour-ish interview format from the next episode!

Find a list of social media, books and resources mentioned in today’s episode below: 


International Cultic Studies Association: https://www.icsahome.com/

I Got Out: www.igotout.org


Ares Meyer Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-ares-meyer-podcast/id1549515902

Shunned: https://shunnedpodcast.com/episodes/


Faith Yeon: https://youtube.com/channel/UCC2eGLsbToZ5so4VVpRuJPw


Ares Meyer @thearesmeyerpodcast

Jen Kiaba @jenkiaba

Faith Yeon @faithy3n

European Second Generation @european_x

FallingOut @fallingoutpod


How Well Do You Know Your Moon: https://howwelldoyouknowyourmoon.tumblr.com/

Summer of Cheesecake: https://www.summerofcheesecake.com/


In the Shadow of the Moons by Nansook Hong 

Bad Moon Rising: How Reverend Moon Created the Washington Times, Seduced the Religious Right, and Built and America Kingdom by John Gorenfeld 

Heavenly Deception by Maggie Brooks 

Change of Blood Lineage through Ritual Sex in the Unification Church by Kristi L. Nevailainen

The Undefended Self: Living the Pathwork by Susan Thesenga 

8 Criteria for Thought Reform from Dr. Robert J. Lifton 

Take Back Your Life: Recovering from Cults and Abusive Relationships byJanja Lalich and Madeleine Tobias 


Three Day Ceremony Instructions: http://www.tparents.org/Library/Unification/Topics/Traditn/3-DayCeremonya.htm

Dr. Alex Stein’s website:


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