When Time Ran Out

“You’ve lived through the collapse of vaudeville and burlesque.”

On the episode we take a look at the volcano-themed, disaster film WHEN TIME RAN OUT… (1980). A notorious critical and commercial flop, the movie has now passed into legend as the film that killed off the Seventies disaster genre. 

Helping Will to review the film is When Time Ran Out super-fan Fred Andersson from Schmollywood Babylon. 

They discuss the film’s “beautiful melodrama”, its questionable special effects, and why this film is the last great flowering of the Seventies disaster genre. 

Episode 93. 

Show notes

When Time Ran Out… (1980)

Director: James Goldstone

Cast: Paul Newman, Jacqueline Bisset, William Holden, Edward Albert, Red Buttons, Barbara Carrera, Burgess Meredith, Ernest Borgnine, James Franciscus, Pat Morita. 

Plot: An active volcano threatens a south Pacific island resort and its guests as a power struggle ensues between the property's developer and a drilling foreman.