Man On The Roof

“Can I hitch a ride to the liquor store?”

Helicopter explosions in films are very much an international phenomenon and on this episode we cast our cinematic eye on the Swedish cop thriller MAN ON THE ROOF (1976).

To discuss the film we’re joined by Anders and Jonas from the Pod Hard podcast to discuss the film’s strange blend of gritty social realism and Dirty Harry-style maverick cop action.

We also take a look at a helicopter explosion that’s considered the ‘proudest moment in Swedish action cinema’.

Episode 92.

Show notes

Man On The Roof (1976)

Director: Bo Widerberg

Cast: Carl-Gustaf Lindstedt, Sven Wollter, Thomas Hellberg

Plot: After a policeman is murdered in his hospital bed, detective Martin Beck and his colleagues must solve the mysterious murder. But as they investigate they discover that the murderer had more than one target. 

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