Kill And Kill Again

“Must have been domestic.”

On this episode we wind the clock back to the early Eighties to take a look at the cult martial arts movies KILL AND KILL AGAIN (1981).

We’re joined by Brett and Ty from Comeuppance Reviews to discuss what many people (just us, really) are hailing as the most influential film ever made (terms and conditions apply).

World domination through potato-based mind control, ninja armies and British cinema’s bizarre obsession with nunchuck censorship are just some of the topics we touch on. Plus, the film’s very exciting exploding helicopter action.

Episode 90.

Show notes

Kill And Kill Again (1981)

Director: Ivan Hall

Cast: James Ryan, Ken Gampu, Mike Mayer

Plot: Martial arts champion Steve Chase is hired to save the Nobel Prize winning scientist Horatio Kane, who has been kidnapped by a rich, evil genius named Marduk. Chase assembles a team of mercenaries who must overcome treacherous encounters on their way to the villain's stronghold and then fight for their lives after they themselves are captured.